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User Acquisition Marketing

Learn the user acquisition and campaign management world

so you can create winning campaigns from A-Z

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The Syllabus

How we'll turn your potential into power

  • Learn about the digital marketing world, top of the funnel marketing, brand awareness, and how creatives like design and copywriting make it work.

The program at a glance

8 weeks

to finish the free certification program

63 hours

of classes & hands-on workshops

2 days per week

Tuesdays and Fridays

40 student spots

available per program

The excellent lecturers

who can't wait to meet you

    Chen Rubinstein

    User Acquisition Group Lead

    Matan Gilad

    User Acquisition Team Leader

    Ido Kirshenboim

    User Acquisition Team Leader

    Hila Shoham

    Senior User Acquisition Manager

    Dor Druker

    Experienced User Acquisition Manager

    Eliana Adler

    Experienced User Acquisition Manager

    Shani Yanai

    Experienced User Acquisition Manager

    Shachaf Efrat

    Experienced User Acquisition Manager

Here's how it works

The single easiest path

to your first job in tech

  • Apply
    to the program with your resume.
  • Go through the screening process
    including an assessment, video submission, & virtual presentation.
  • Join the program
    and learn practical skills from experts and leaders.
  • Get certified
    for various marketing roles in the hi-tech industry.
  • Launch your career
    with the support of our staff.

The first-rate roles you can apply

with your new skills

  • Role

    User Acquisition Manager

    Identify growth opportunities throughout the user journey, track KPIs, and experiment to improve marketing efficiency.

  • Role

    PPC Campaign Manager

    Manage high budget and large-scale Google PPC campaigns that turn strangers into users.

  • Role

    Brand Campaign Manager

    Run full cycles of campaigns with all operations aspects to get audiences to know and trust your brand.

  • Role

    Marketing Manager

    Execute various marketing initiatives throughout the user journey to engage audiences and create action.

This program is perfect for you if...

  • 1 You're a data-driven and analytical person.
  • 2 You've been told that you have a skill for creativity, thinking out of the box, and being a clear communicator.
  • 3 You're able to commit an additional 2 hours a week for home assignments.
  • 4 You're eager to learn about the methodologies and frameworks that lead to successful business decisions.
  • 5 You care about making an impact with the company you work for by being a strategic and creative business partner.
  • 6 You love taking an active part in lectures — sharing your thoughts and giving feedback.
  • 7 You have a high level of Hebrew and English comprehension and speaking ability.

Start your journey into tech today

While we'd love to accept everyone who applies, we can only accommodate 40 participants in order to ensure participants get individualized attention, feedback, and mentorship. As this is an exclusive opportunity, more than 80% of applicants for monday U programs don't make it through. So, if you don't get accepted this round, don't worry! You can apply again next time.
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