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Learn the FinOps mindset and tools you

need to make data-driven financial decisions

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02.11.2022 - 21.12.2022 Wednesdays
Marker icon offices in Tel Aviv
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Available Spots: 40
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The Syllabus

How we'll turn your potential into power

  • Meet your lecturers and get an introduction to FinOps.

The free program at a glance

8 weeks

to finish the certification program

40 hours

of classes & hands-on workshops

1 day per week


40 student spots

available per program

The excellent lecturers

who can't wait to meet you

    Dvir Mizrahi

    Financial Engineering Evangelist

    Eran Lador

    Senior Cloud FinOps Analyst

    Yariv Shoshany

    R&D Operations Manager

    Ziva Tubul

    Financial Engineer

    Eli Mansoor

    FinOps Evangelist at

    Alice Nazarov

    FinOps Engineer & FinOps Ambassador of FinOps Foundation community

    Yair Green

    VP R&D

The single easiest path

to growing your hi-tech career

  • Apply
    to the monday U program.
  • Go through
    a short screening process.
  • Join the program
    and learn practical skills from, Wix, and Appsflyer experts.
  • Get certified
    for a variety of roles in hi-tech.
  • Make an impact
    at your company with your newly gained skills

This program is perfect for you if...

  • 1 You have at least basic level knowledge in one of the following public cloud providers - AWS, Azure, and/or GCP.
  • 2 You are passionate about identifying and resolving waste in the cloud.
  • 3 You have experience working in a cloud context and want to move to the FinOps role.
  • 4 You speak additional languages (an advantage).

This exclusive opportunity is limited to only 40 students

While we'd love to accept everyone who applies, due to resources, we can only accommodate a few. Historically, we've had to reject more than 80% of interested applicants, but if you can't get in this time, please do apply next time around.
Registration for this program is closed

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