Free certification program

Data Analysis

Master drawing data-driven insights to

support strategic business decisions.

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The Syllabus

How we'll turn your potential into power

  • Understand the evolution of data analytics and the day-to-day work of various Data Analyst roles.

Free 12-week certification program

12 weeks

to finish the certification program

88 hours

of classes & hands-on workshops

2 days per week

Tuesdays and Fridays

30 student spots

available per program

The excellent lecturers

who can't wait to meet you

    Nathanael Cohen

    Tech Lead Analyst

    Neomi Rosenvald

    Marketing Ops & Analytics Team Leader

    Orr Benjamin

    Group Product Manager

The single easiest path

to your first job in tech

  • Apply
    to the program with your resume.
  • Go through the screening process
    including an analytical assessment and video submission.
  • Join the program
    and learn practical skills from experts and leaders.
  • Get certified
    for various data analyst roles in the hi-tech industry.
  • Launch your career
    with the support of our staff. Top graduates will receive a full-time job offer from based on availability.

The first-rate roles you can apply

with your new skills

  • Role

    Marketing Analyst

    Identify opportunities for growth throughout the user journey, create and track KPIs, and experiment to improve marketing efficiency.

  • Role

    Sales & Partners Analyst

    Design and maintain ongoing sales metrics, reports, analyses, and dashboards to make data-driven decisions.

  • Role

    Product Analyst

    Measure, report, and continually refine KPIs to accurately track how users engage with the platform.

  • Role

    Finance Analyst

    Evaluate the outcomes of business decisions to suggest future improvements and investments.

This program is perfect for you if...

  • 1 You're a data-driven and very analytical person.
  • 2 You've been told that you have a skill for thinking out of the box.
  • 3 You're eager to learn about the methodologies and frameworks that lead to successful business decisions.
  • 4 You care about making an impact with the company you work for by being a strategic and creative business partner.
  • 5 You have the ability to invest at least 40 hours in the course outside of lectures for independent practice and a final project.
  • 6 You have a high level of Hebrew comprehension.

This exclusive opportunity is limited to only 30 students

While we'd love to accept everyone who applies, due to resources, we can only accommodate a few. Historically, we've had to reject more than 75% of interested applicants, but if you can't get in this time, please do apply next time around.
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