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How our students fast-tracked their careers

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    I was chosen out of 2000 people, based on talent, not experience. I got to spent my time with another 39 amazing, gifted people. We had the best mentors to study from and be trained by and we finished these 2 months as Saas SDRs and product consultants

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    The hi-tech recruitment program really tee-ed me up to jump into my role with confidence.

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    Participating in the monday U program really reinforced for me that CS was the right fit for me, my background, and my degree.

Perfect for you if…

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    You’re looking to upskill or reskill yourself to be an asset at a hi-tech or non-profit organization, but you could use some professional training.

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    You have no problem setting aside 7+ hours per week to dedicate yourself to a new process.

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    You want to learn skills from seasoned professionals and experts in their fields.

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    You’re looking to develop hands-on experience and a professional portfolio. 

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    You’re excited to try out monday U, and you’re excited about your new career opportunities.

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